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MID101 Certification: Microlearning Instructional Design

Explore the foundations of Instructional Design through the lens of Microlearning & walk away certified in MID101!



In a world inundated with information, there is a need more than ever before, to create unforgettable, effective learning experiences that are relevant and engaging. Accomplishing this goal is an art and a science, so Gnowbe decided to step in and help content creators everywhere to get ahead of the game! This program is designed for everyone and anyone curious about Microlearning Instructional Design (MID), passionate about learning & development or on the lookout for opportunities to further their skills in the art of content creation!

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Program Details

  • 3-5 hours self-directed learning
  • Create and submit a quick Gnowbe session as a part of the program: learn by doing!
  • 80% completion required to earn a Digital Certificate which can be shared on your LinkedIn and professional profiles.
  • Standard Cost SGD $675, made available for FREE!

You Will Be Able To

  • Understand how to apply the foundational principles of Microlearning Instructional Design to your work
  • Explore a few key content creation tools & tips that facilitate engaging learning experiences (eg: Transformative Learning, Gamification & Learning Nudges)
  • Understand and apply Microlearning principles to create a simple Gnowbe session
  • Receive a Level 1 Certificate in Microlearning Instructional Design (MID) signed by 3 Professors from Harvard, IMD and NTU Business School!

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MID201 Accreditation:
Microlearning Instructional Design

Design cutting-edge online content with built in social learning experiences and receive expert coaching from our MID Experts to become a future-ready MID2 Accredited Microlearning Instructional Designer!


MID301 Accreditation:
Microlearning Instructional Design

Develop a transformation training program to equip others how to deliver MID2 to their groups and organizations. This is the ultimate goal of Gnowbe: to multiply the impact of effective teaching and learning.


Anyone Can Create

Learn the basics of Instructional Design in minutes!

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So-Young Kang is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about maximizing human creative potential. She is the founder and CEO of Gnowbe, the next-gen performance enablement platform. So-Young is a recognized Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum since 2014. Former experiences include McKinsey and Citigroup. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA with Honors from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Nicola Murphy has an extensive background in education, curriculum development and teacher training. She works for Gnowbe as the Head of Microlearning Instructional Design & Success Manager Lead. Originally from New Zealand, Nicola is passionate about equipping instructors, teachers, trainers and content creators with innovative strategies and tech solutions to maximize learner engagement, knowledge retention, performance & impact, both online and in person.

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